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We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
- George Bernard Shaw

3 Weightloss Tips That Have Worked Tremendously Well For Me

Have you been trying to lose weight/diet by exercising obsessively and avoiding high calorie (read: delicious) food? Are you still fat despite all that???

Well, I’ve discovered 3 excellent weight loss tips over the years.

I’m a size S/XS for all my clothes and my waistline is 23.5 inches so whatever I’m saying has been proven to work… For me at least. To boot, I actually have breasts (C32A thankyouverynice) and I can still run a 2.4km distance under 11 and a half minutes. [i.e. I’m not a sack of bones.]

The 3 things that I’ve found helps me lose weight (Like, a LOT of weight):

1 Food Poisoning (diarrhoea/vomiting or both)

2 A breakup (hasn’t happened in 5 years, thankfully)

3 Living in Vietnam. (Go figure.)

Try it! It has been proven to work.
Good luck ! ((((;

Disclaimer: This blog, the author and it’s contents will not be held responsible in anyway for all breakups, health or mental debilitations resulting from deliberate ingestion of spoilt or rotting food and substances otherwise unsuitable for consumption as stated by AVA, FDA and other quality control agencies.

Dedications: to all my lovely friends who can eat whatever they want without getting fat. Especially C. All the way in Cambridge. We have been blessed with good genes and thank goodness for that!


I am a tree.

Rings are forming inside of me, circling episodes that need correction

Red ink circles- brazenly drawn with a teacher’s hand

And I am growing, flowering with the season after the coldest, most bitter winter I have endured in this leafy life. 

I will soon form fruit, and the seeds, I will disperse across the land

My seeds will stick to the fur and wings of oblivious creatures

They will briefly be drawn to my sweet, succulent fruit-

Or the bright, alluring colours of my influorescences- a deception to have my bidding specifically done. 

I will give a part of myself away to these many passers by

Because how else can I live?

I need to give a bit of myself away since the day you left

The day you decided that you did not need 

The sweet and succulent fruit of my body

The flowers of my constant desire to make you happy

The leaves of my evergreen attempts to shelter and protect you

The deepest, strongest roots of my love for you, watching you lie against me in the moments of your slumber.

They are still there, together with the imprint of your head against it, just the way I remember in the dead of night, when I would watch your chest gently rise and fall

And you would often mumble in your sleep- the mysteries of your complex and beautiful mind- in a language I could not understand

The roots have grown deep into the ground, and I cant live without them. They have made me what I am. 

You left me. 

And now I am but a tree with no purpose but to live, grow and propagate

And do that I shall

A bit of me in every seed, contained within it, a hope that I might live again with every visitor that comes to enjoy my offerings

Often they find that the seeds are poisoned

They are allergic to my sap

They cannot tolerate the toxins in my fruit.

And I die many little deaths 

With time, these only accumulate while meanwhile I am

Wishing quietly that you would return

To enjoy the flowers, fruit and seeds and all of me 

That was only ever meant for you and you alone. 

~ For A; This is what I am without you. 

Dreams: I was walking through an endless world of white and falling crystals; I found myself soaring through infinite space, on top of the world. In this dream, I lost myself to everything around me; spinning and gliding without a worry or care in existence. 

… And then I laid eyes on sapphires so blue that it captivated my mind like never before; clean took my breath away. 

I never want to wake from this dream. 

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Piggyback Snow Streak: “Please don’t drop me!” #japan #hokkaido #niseko #hirafu #streaking #snowfall  (at ユメバショウ)
Pillow Talk: It’s been a fine week indeed. Time to hit the sack- TGIF. Heck, tgim,t,w etc. Youth is too precious to not enjoy. 明日遊びましょう!おやすみなさいね。 #tgif #pillows #hirafu #niseko #hokkaido  (at ユメバショウ)
雪:きれいでした。すごいね! #yumebasho #snowfall #hirafu #niseko #hokkaido #bliss (at Niseko)

Good morning: speechlessly beautiful #hirafu #snow #snowfall #morning (at Niseko, Japan)

Winter Skin: instant good skin in winter. Now time to get rid of those red eye flight eye bags with a good nights rest! Tough, considering the exhilarating day ahead tomorrow. #winter #japan #niseko #hirafu  (at Niseko, Japan)
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Sunset: outside the ユメバショウ